Welcome to Only Bags, your local plastic bag manufacturer

Purchase your plastic bags direct from the manufacturer and save! We sell a range of plastic and polypropylene (Poly) bags. We also print clinical waste bags and custom print onto most plastics.

We provide custom designed & specialty bags.

Quality control is an area of great importance for all of our products, with our quality control team on site throughout all factory processes. We have equipment for producing both high density and low density polyethylene bags.

Our forming capabilities allow us to produce several styles of bags including Boutique bags, deli bags, t-shirt bags, singlet bags, roll bags, industrial bags, courier bags, coextruded bags. Our plastic has approval for food grade use.

Through a 30 year history in hard plastics, we have developed strong relationships with select resin suppliers to ensure continuity of high quality resin supply, at competitive pricing. Our factory is open 24 hours per day for maximum efficiency.

Plastic bags and polyethylene bags. Retail, clothing, food and produce or industrial in standard or custom designs. Only Bags Australia provides custom designed & specialty bags. The capablities of our printing equipment range from double sided, full colour printing, down to single sided, one colour printing. Our diverse range of equipment makes this possible, while still being cost effective.

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